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                       Computer has become an essential thing in our daily life. So, It is expected from everybody to have basic knowledge in Computer for professional growth. Infinite Infotech is taking this responsibility to provide you knowledge in Computer Basic also for those professional candidates who are not well efficient in computer so that they do not face any difficulties to learn the same.



      HTML and XML documents contain data that is surrounded with tags, but that is where the similarities between the two languages end. In HTML, the tags define the look and feel of your data the headlines go here, the paragraph starts there, and so on. In XML the tags define the structure and meaning of your data — what the data is.


        When you describe the structure and meaning of your data, you make it possible to reuse that data in any number of ways. For example, if you have a block of sales data and each item in the block is clearly identified, you can load just the items that you need into a sales report and load other items into an accounting database. Put another way, you can use one system to generate your data and mark it up with XML tags, and then process that data in any number of other systems, regardless of the hardware platform or operating system. That portability is why XML has become one of the most popular technologies for exchanging data.


              Remember these facts as you proceed:


        You cannot use HTML in place of XML. You can, however, wrap your  XML data in HTML tags and display it in a Web page.
       HTML is limited to a predefined set of tags that all users share.
       XML allows you to create any tag that you need to describe your data and the structure of that data. For instance, say that you need to store and share information about pets.


           Microsoft Office is a proprietary commercial office suite of desktop applications, servers and services for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, introduced by Microsoft on August 1, 1989. Initially a marketing term for a bundled set of applications, the first version of Office contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Over the years, Office applications have grown substantially closer with shared features such as a common spell checker, OLE data integration and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications scripting language. Microsoft also positions Office as a development platform for line-of-business software under the Office Business Applications brand.


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